Can't upload images


I’m not sure if this the correct forum to post this in, but my students and I have been unable to upload image files for the last week or so. The Add Image dialog box allows us to drag in images, and gives us a check that the upload was successful, but then it does not show in the file tree. I’m not sure if this is a site glitch or if our school’s IP has been limited from uploading for some reason since we had a lot of students using the editor in the last few weeks. I appreciate any help you can offer!

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I am not sure how this relates to Processing IDE. I am guessing that you are using some sort of other IDE, in which case I won’t be able to help you.

Ah sorry, I found the link to this forum from Do you know of a place to ask about the p5js web editor?

You can file an issue on GitHub:

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hi brianS,
you are at the right place here.

but when i just wanted to check the whole
page did not work here.
SO give that guys some time to work it out
and try again later.

thanks for reporting.

the git issue you linked to is for p5.js core,
and not for the p5.js editor website,

and even there i would not report domain performance issues like that.

update, the site is up again, and like:

  • make directory assets
  • add file in it
    • drag drop file like ( .png )

works fine again.

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Yes, if there is an issue with the web editor in the future that seems like a bug, in general first ask about it here, then post an issue to: