Timing of the Daily User Statistics Update

I sometimes check the user statistics page to find out who has been active over various periods of time. That page is updated approximately once per day, however the timing of the update varies. Evidently, the statistics are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). However the date and time indicated near the upper left corner of the window is local time. Since I am on Daylight Savings Time in the Eastern United States, the change of date currently occurs at 8:00 PM. The list can be sorted by column. The period of time can also be selected.

Following is an image capture from my screen performed at 7.02.39 AM, my time this morning:

It is sorted by the Days Visited column and the time period is one week. Note that the time of this particular update was 8:09 pm, which was only nine minutes after the start of the new day. That explains why only three users in the list are shown as having visited the forum for all seven days during the past week. Ordinarily that number is much higher.

Now, finally, my question:

Who or what decides when each daily update is performed?


Here’s a link to the page: PROCESSING FOUNDATION: Users.

Once there, choose your desired criteria