Congratulations Processing Forum

today have over 5000 members.

– now i know that all not say anything as long we not get the site info from the admin like

  • clicks statistic …

as for reading and searching you not need to be a user / or be a user but not need to login /

still it is impressive.

a last export from this user page / year info / load to spreadsheet /
shows a lot of double names?? like users forget password and register again?
but only 1256 of all did NOT login last year so you could say about 4000 active users!
i expected more ?sleeping members?

again, good community!


Nice post, @kll. This version of the forum has been running since May 2018.

Some other facts from the mod stats board:

One the one hand, the forum gets ~10 new signups and ~5 new contributors (first post) every day – some of these users will only ever create a single thread, e.g. a student working on a term project. There are about 20-40 daily “engaged users” (who are posting or liking things). ~30-80 new posts a day in ~5-15 new topics. It is a small but healthy community, and even most active accounts are lurking readers – each day about 600-800 logged-in users visit.

Most forum users, however, are readers who never create an account at all. When the new forum opened, it started at around 20,000 page views per week, and has grown over the last year and a half to 40-50,000 page views per week – although some of that could be web crawling, of course. Still, it is as much an answer board as a discussion board, and high quality answers can help people for years.

The forum is also seasonal, and activity is tied to the school year. Spring is usually busiest, Summer and early Fall is usually quietest.


from where you know? for or

That’s from the dashboard of this forum, – although, CORRECTION, it looks like when I looked at the year view it switched from per-day to per-week.

So corrected above – 20,000 to 50,000 per week. Excluding web crawlers for “Consolidated Pageviews” currently shows about 3000-5000 views per day.

there is some USER stats at

             Last 7 	Last 30  All Time
Topics 	         88 	301 	6.1k
Posts 	        612 	2.2k 	50.9k
Users 	         72 	246 	5.1k
Active Users 	295 	610 	—
Likes 	        306 	1.3k 	21.1k

sorry but i not see/find anything about clicks / page views ?dashboard?
is that a moderator restricted statistics view?

but anyhow 5000 forum views per day is a lot ?but what does that mean?

bad system, users need lots of help? 555

 LOL  .aka. "hahaha" == Thai.pronounce(555)