Live streaming from processing app

I just started testing live streaming on youtube. It is a simple app scraping the latest update of coronavirus pandemic from google sheet then turn them into a loop onto svg world map. thanx for any comment or suggestion. Currently, I am planning to add twitter timeline. I will update this post after the source code is ready for Github.

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Source code on github

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Hi @visualizer –

Thank you so much for sharing this livestream and the source code!

Within larger countries breakout by region has been really important for people thinking about the area where they are. Is there any chance that this approach could be extended to sub-national zones (states, etc)…?

Hi, Jeremy, Thanks for the comment and sharing your idea. I am really happy to talk about this with someone else cause I am currently working alone with this. An actually you are at the heart of my concern.

It seems when things go global, it severs itself from local completely. I meant this visualization to be beneficial for majority of viewers but now I understand I fails to grap the attention from each local view point with the reason you mentioned. I am still working to subdivide the dataset to increase the definition of the displayed information at the local level. But at the same time I don’t have satisfactory dataset at the moment comprising local and global. Currently many of the covid19 global dashboard relies on the sources from CSSE at Jones Hopkins ( or WHO. WHO is slow and CSSE dataset compiles the sub-nation level information only for China, US, Canada, Australia and only few more. But I think it is natural since CSSE locates in US.

I am still working on this and I really thanks to you with your comment. I will update here after I got my own alternative balancing local and global.

all the best, and sorry for the lengthy words.

Hi @vizualizer – glad that your stream is upgraded and still working.

What is the order of the reporting? (Is it by western boarder?) Have you considered, for example, alphabetical by country name? Right now it feels random – and coupled with not knowing how long a full loop is, that makes it difficult to watch for a particular country (or to scroll back).