Tag several answer's as solution

I just got 2 answer’s to a problem that both are solutions for my problem. They are similar but not identical, both works and both could probably be helpful for others in the future in different ways.:smile:

I believe it could be good to be able to mark several solutions. People seem to be very helpful here and on a really big problem there could be several members sharing their skills on different parts of the problem, not solving it all at once but together. :star_struck:
This would need the option to chose multiple solutions so the next user with a similar problem can trace what posts were most helpful all together. :grinning:


Just tag the one you like most. Or the first one.

Us regulars don’t compete to answer fun questions fast or anything. No one should be upset if their answer isn’t the one you pick.


In my case I tagged the code example with most functionality.
But my own example is bad. I think it could be good to tag multiple solutions in a big problem post.

Maybe a different tag option!
“Part of solution”

Maybe when I answer to e problem, I could chose a checkbox that I focus on a part of the problem.
If my post were helping that part it could be tagged as solution or something else.

When the problem is solved all together the post should be marked as solved.

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I agree that it would be helpful to mark multiple solutions – unfortunately, we get this functionality from a plug-in, and it seems that isn’t a feature they plan to support. The fallback options is likes / hearts to indicate what has value.

If you want, you can write a summary response, explaining how several previous posts together provided the solution, and mark your own response as Solution to highlight both/several things.

People don’t benefit from getting solutions like they might on Stack overflow, so don’t worry about stealing anything. The goal is to mark content that helps others in the future.


Ok. Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:
Summary respons would probably be the best in a multi solution case, quoting the important parts from the posts.

Even if people don’t benefit in a system, feedback is important and letting people know that we value their efforts and time to help each other. My first impressions of this community is already so good i’m almost in chock.