Spectrum analyzer graphic problem

Hi, I’m new to coding. I’m sorry to keep you busy with something simple.

I paste and run a sample code on the P5.JS online ditor (sound spectrum analyzer). I download “empty-example” with the library from the site and replace the sketch.js code with the online editor.
I have Browersers index.html on my computer. When I want to play through the canvas is formed, the permission is obtained for the microphone, but does not create graphics. Where am I making a mistake?


you can play
p5.js / index.html / sketch.js
local on PC using browser with double click on index.html

just for some basic drawings…

as soon you want line load files like picture/sound files
your browser need to see a server

see Image files loading issue here most easy way

but, did you try use the Processing IDE 3.5.3 // p5.js Mode //
( yes not easy copy between a downloaded p5.js online editor project / PDE procject )
there also the server tool is build in.

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