Canvas not showing up at all

i cant get the download version to work when i load the index.html i dont see the canvas at all
setup{ createcanvas(400,400) } draw{ background(220); rect(5,5,40,30); }
everything else is vanilla what it my problem

narrowed it down to p5.sound.js stick up on loading

i get a div with p5_loading

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

The code snippet you’re posting has syntax errors. Computers are picky. :blush: It has nothing to do with p5.sound.js. If you fix the syntax errors, your sketch will run:

// The function keyword has to be present.
function setup() {
  // Case is important, createcanvas won't work.
  createCanvas(400, 400); 

function draw() {
  rect(5, 5, 40, 30);

Thanks but I did eventually get it to show

I had to get rid of p5.sound.js though
How can I get p5.sound.js to work

in the index.html, write like this below the line where its written

<script src="p5.sound.js"></script>

don’t forget to put the file in the same folder as index.html

“”(without double codes before and after script)

I’ve tried that all I get on the page is a div that says loading

image are you sure??

I did get p5.sound.min to work by using the one from downloading it from the web editor.
but straight from the download section

I haven’t gotten it to work

I see several syntax errors, such as: missing the keyword function, missing () after the function names, and incorrect case on createCanvas(). Can you share your code? I am guessing the syntax errors are breaking your program …

Im aware I should have specified it was sudo code

The issue was with p5.sound.js
Because when I removed it from the index.html I got my sketch to work

K … glad you got is solved.

Sounds like you may need to further investigate your issue though for when you want to use the sound lib.