P5.js library and sound issue (bug?)

I copied a code from p5.js website ( https://p5js.org/examples/sound-oscillator-frequency.html ) on oscillator example.
It runs perfectly on official online p5.js editor, however when I paste it in my Brackets editor it does not start the sketch with sound, but only the canvas and the rest of the graphics.

  1. I copied the updated libraries to index.html and it started to work with sound. then I refreshed the preview and the sound disappeared again.

I pasted a new library again and the preview loaded sound again, however as soon as I refreshed the preview after that , the sound is gone. (the rest of the sketch is normal)

  1. I reinstalled Brackets just in case to eliminate the probability in program corruption, but no success.

Not sure at this point what is the problem with my editor? did someone run into similar issue and if yes how did you resolved it?

Please help.