Preciso de ajuda processing audio desenho

I need to develop a processing.js code that allows anyone to speak through the microphone to draw anything on the screen in a random, colorful way. Here’s an example:

Please someone help me, how to develop it? Can I pay symbolically if someone sends me the code

you have the example, it is in old version p5.js ( 0.5.11 )
but here copy to
it runs also under newest 0.9.0

so what was your question?
you understand the concept?
-a- sound input from mic
-b- FFT getEnergy
-c- curveVertex

Hey kll, thank you so much!
But I can’t run the project in the browser when I play Processing. And I would need that.
Do you have any suggestion?

In the first image, it’s me running the project in processing:

In the second image, this is what appears when I click on “run”, it does not load the project, the whole page is blank:

Please help me!!!

?you need to work OFFLINE? ok

well showing a empty browser page ??
you could however call inspect / console / to see the error msg.

yes, needed also some changes after download from online editor.
but this works here in PDE ( 3.5.3 ) p5.js Mode and Win 10 and using firefox browser,
asks for use mic ok