Sound glitch, without using sound

Hi guys, something strange is happening sometimes when I launch a sketch with the p5 editor. I am pretty sure it has happened when launching the website manually (without using the editor).
The thing is that this happens without even using sound in my sketch, without even including the sound library.

At first it happened on a project I was creating that included sound, so I thought something was wrong with the way I use this library, however on my next project (that does not use sound at all) I kept getting this weird sound again.

Note: This does not happen very often. I may get this problem 1 out of 20 times launching the sketch.
I have recorded the sound: p5-Sketch-Sound-Glitch.mp3 - Google Drive

If someone has an idea why it happens, please tell me. I am not including any code because I found out that it doesn’t matter what code I have.
(The sound stops when I stop the sketch from running)