Issue with Chrome and Edge Browsers not displaying sketches

My sketches will not play in Chrome or Edge. I get a blank white screen. I found that if I remove the reference to “p5.sound.min.js” that is included in the HTML file P5 creates, these sketches load and play fine in Chrome and Edge.

Can you show your console when you encounter this issue ? If you P5.sound file isn’t corrupted, it’s weird

(Right click and “Inspect” on Chrome)

PS: I recommend you to avoid Edge to test P5js. Even if it is now a chromium based browser and it is way better than its oldest versions, it is still late on implementations of some CSS/JS features.

This still seems to be an issue that has not been fixed in the update of the sound library to v1.01 in May 2021.
Chromium browsers don’t loads the sketch. Console error:
p5.sound.min.js:2 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘addModule’)
at p5.sound.min.js:2:98453
at ()
at p5. (p5.sound.min.js:2:98338)
at p5. (p5.js:63190:21)
at Array.forEach ()
at new p5 (p5.js:63188:44)
at _globalInit (p5.js:62189:17)