Small Run screen issue

Hello, I have a problem with my Run Screen size, it is very small. I am using Processing 3.5.2 I tried to run processing examples and my previous pde files that worked normally, however currently when I press Run, I have small window for all of them. I already reinstalled Processing and Java but it doesnt help. It can’t be code because I ran processing examples. Any ideas, please? Can not imagine what is it…

It may sound kinda dumb but have you tried closing all of your projects before running processing? Sometimes that helps fix problems caused by updating…

Yes,I closed everything and even restarted pc. Yesterday I found that it was a bag and if I replace voidsetup() with void setting() it would work…

I know this is an old post, but it may help beginners who like myself had display run box issues.

I actually had the same issue with my laptop and my desktop PC. The trouble in both turned out to be resolved with code provided by forum member GoToLoop to set the initial location of the canvas.

He posted his contribution at the following link in the forum.

My laptop and desktop gave me issues because the notebook has a 4K display and the desktop has an AMD Eyefinity setup with three screens as an eyefinity group.

You will have to determine the resolution of your display to make the run screen an appropriate size.

I used size(1200,800); as a starter size for my run screen. Final run box size(1920,1080); for 4K laptop screen. For the AMD eyefinity group with three screens size(900,540); works well. Otherwise it stretched across the three screens. I made it small enough for a single screen next to the Sketch Processing. The displays for the Eyefinity setup are 22".

At least now it is large enough for me to run the processing tutorials.

The tiny run screen I had before this was not much use to me.

I sill have not resolved the Eyefinity group size issue.

I have to determine the pixel width and height to get a run screen size that will work for me.

I just happened to see you post and thought I may be able to help you.

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I recently had a similar project and encountered some difficulties. Some of my friends suggested that I change a monitor. Maybe you can also try TFT LCD. I’ve used it before. It’s really an excellent monitor