Small projectors for gallery display

Has anyone here used small portable projectors for displaying their Processing work in ad-hoc exhibitions?

It seems to me that the most important criteria would be a) the lag time, and b) the brightness if projecting in dim (but not black) surroundings. The cheaper projectors also tend to have less definition, which might be OK for video, but not for geometric animations with defined borders. In smaller spaces a shorter throw would also be desirable. Let’s say that 720p is OK but 1080p even better.

So far I’ve found the Optoma ML750ST, which is bright and has unusually fast response (16.5 ms). But it’s £500, which seems a lot for 720p.

Any experiences or recommendations to share?

I’ve got a Dell M115HD from a few years ago, which seems roughly similar though not as bright (by spec). Been really pleased with it and how it performs in practice. Wasn’t quite as expensive, but the good ones at this size aren’t the cheap ones!

Bought it originally to fit inside

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Thanks for the input. Just wanted to say… I like that project!

Installation name derived from Cabinet of Curiosities? :wink: