Print-Based Project Using Processing

Here’s a link to a video about print-based project titled Explanations and Clarifications. While most of the work was done in Photoshop, I use Processing as sort of a Swiss Army Knife and use it everywhere. In the video I used it to process the video of my talking head image. In the book I used it extensively to generate the graphics. Usually it’s obvious when programming was used, other times not so much.

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Thank you for sharing this, @Craig!

Are the inkjet prints being exhibited at a physical location, and/or are the digital images being exhibited virtually?

Jeremy, the prints are not currently being exhibited, but I would like them to be. I print them 17" x 22" and 24" X 36". I output all the components at a relatively high resolution so the big prints will stay sharp. When I make the component pictures in Processing I am amazed at how well it can deal with really large bitmaps. In some cases I make a bunch of versions with random differences and then pick the ones I want to use. Here’s a link to the digital versions on my web site.

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