Sketch running with no error but display window is blank, no output

Hi everyone,
I tried to run these codes from this topic-

Sketches are running both for py and java with no error as well display window show-up but with no result or graphics or output.
I turned off internet connection so that firewall issue might not invade…so I did not stop firewall…but problem remain same.Could you help please? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @geom,

I just tested the sketch on a Windows and an Osx machine and it runs fine on both with Processing 3.5.3.

I am not well versed in this area but it might be an issue on your side (drivers compatibility, conflicting programs, installation error… ?) and as a first step I would suggest to reinstall both Processing and Python mode on your computer and see if the problem persists.

Hope someone more experienced can help you.

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Hi @solub
Thanks for your reply. I will check your suggestions.