Signup new account using caps in name on

It seems we are hitting a possible bug related to having caps in the login name. For example signup with:

  • Login name: GeorgeZ
  • Password: 123456
  • Email: <a valid email address>

Note; These are all fake for testing purposes.

Upon signup, the account gets logged in OK. Log out. Then try to login with the info above. It fails, using either GeorgeZ or georgez. Using the email & password works OK. Upon login, upper right corner says
" Hello, GeorgeZ! "

I’ve had 3 failures in signup/login by parents that used caps in their child’s name. Fortunately, the email address works, but the students don’t often know or remember their parent’s email.

In followup, please also advise if it’s possible to CHANGE a login name or an email address to something else, as long as the new proposed login or email is not already taken.


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I suppose to be clear, this is in I have updated the topic.

Hi @podryna – unfortunately the p5.js core developers aren’t always on this forum.

Could you submit this bug report here to make sure that the right people see it?

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Fantastic tip! Thanks. Issue opened at

I will post the final resolution so that others may benefit. At least there is a workaround here in using the signup email instead of the username.