Shiffman Learning Processing EXERCISE Answers?


I am using D Shifmans Learning Processing text. I know I can find all the sketches on line, but I wonder if anyone has posted answers to the exersizes throughout the book?

I suppose if it works, its the right answer. But, it would be cool to have “proper solutions” to study.


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Dan Shiffman provides the answers to exercises in his book on his site above.

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You would think… but actually its just a reprint of the exercises as shown in the book, with blanks etc. I expected that it would be the completed answers there but its not.

Unless there is a trick I am missing???


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Huh. That’s odd. I thought I had seen them there at some point…

Good question. I ran into the same conundrum. Still would love access to answers!

I think several people have posted their own solution sets. Whether they are “proper” or not is a question of judgement and taste…

For example:

(previously: Answers for Learning Processing)


Excellent these are great! Thank you.

Jeremy, very late reply, but thank you for this info!

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