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I am an artist new to code. I am using Shiffman’s Learning Processing (2nd Ed.) to teach myself. Throughout the book there are “test” your knowledge and “fill-in-the-blank” exercises.

Does anyone know if there is a complete set of “answers”? It would be very helpful to be able to check if your responses are correct.

In the Introduction, p.XV, under Write in this Book, it says “All the fill-in the blank exercises have answers on the book’s website (”.

But I have not found answers on this site. Downloading the GitHub repository provides the verbatim text from book, no answers. For example, answers to the True/False Exercise 5-4, on p.77 are not provided at the link for that exercise:

I’d love to find the answers, or, a site similar to W3’s for HTML/CSS, but where you can quiz your understanding of the Processing language! Any ideas?

Thank you!


I too am new to code and using the Shiffman book @r8th, and had that same question.

I have not found an answer key. However I do watch and re-watch his tutorials which are connected to the book on his youtube channel. While helpful, they don’t provide specific answers to exercises within his book.

Some exercises I struggle through and finally get the answer. Some exercises I do not. While I do believe there is value in the struggle, this can really slow down the learning process to a crawl at times.

Recently, I started asking questions in this forum, and have found the responses very helpful. D Shiffman also has a patreon page where subscribers can ask questions there as well.

thanks for your message, @debxyz.

his tutorials are of course amazing, but I agree that not having answers to problems in the book slows progress.

thanks, best wishes in your adventures with code!

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See Shiffman Learning Processing EXERCISE Answers?


This site is also awesome for learning Processing.