I while back, in the old forum, somebody was seeking books/PDFs/videos.

I’ve also been looking and couldn’t find quite what I needed for my students – so I’ve started writing an online textbook:

I know there’s “Getting Started with”, but this is something more like Ira Greenberg’s book (except in Python). In other words, more general programming and computer science concepts rolled into a visually-oriented, creative programming course.

It’s a work in progress, but six chapters in already! It is designed to serve as a programming fundamentals course for creative technologies students, who will then advance to courses with more Python coding (Web, Apps, Data-viz, AI, etc.).


Thank you @tabreturn! Very nice materials!

You might want to have a look at Peter Farrell’s book:
I follow him on Twitter ( and he is a big fan too.


Thanks! I’m a big fan of No Starch’s books. Definitely one to add to the collection.

Amazing! and thanks for sharing your contribution in the forum.
I have just looked up your link, excellent work!

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