New Python Mode / book

A shameless plug for my new book on Python Mode /, titled:
Learn Python Visually – Creative Coding with Python Mode for Processing

This is a beginners book to introduce non-programmers to the fundamentals of computer coding within a visual, arts-focused context. Readers get to make cool pictures, animations, and simulations using Python Mode for Processing. If that sounds good, you can order a copy from the No Starch website or Amazon.

For a 35% discount, pre-order from No Starch using the coupon GETCREATIVE. Offer lasts until Feb 4. You’ll get an early access PDF so long. The print version should be out sometime in March/April.

You can find the source code for the tasks on GitHub.

Happy coding!


Wonderful news! <3 <3 <3

@tabreturn please check the Learn Python Visually | No Starch Press link it gives access denied for me

UPDATE: link working now!


@tabreturn Just ordered it with the discount. Thank you for the presentation today for CCFest. I’m looking forward to creating some visual art and comparing Processing to turtle art.


Thanks, @derrallg – glad to hear you enjoyed the presentation! :turtle:



The paperback copy just arrived in today’s mail, and it looks great!

@tabreturn, if we quote little passages of text or snippets of code from the book on the Forum, how shall we cite the book properly as a reference? If you post the correct manner of doing that here, complete with title, author, and the rest, we can conveniently copy and paste that information whenever we need it.


Thanks, @javagar!

I think the simpler the better. Like, just a link to the publisher’s page for the book – perhaps this beneath any text or snippets:

(from Learn Python Visually, 2021)