Seeking Programmer Contract / Part-Time / Full - Time

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$20-$40 per hour depending on experience.
Flexible hours
Can lead to Lead Programmer for the right candidate.

Edit code and develop code for automotive electronics applications
ranging from OBD2 readers, or control systems for 3rd party devices
(such as suspension control, climate control, audio, etc.)

A strong understanding of automotive CAN bus is essential

Other criteria:
CAN bus protocol
Serial data communication
C/C++ (or similar language)
Parse data streams
Knowledge of J1850, ISO1941, KWP2000 protocols an asset.

Send inquiries to:

Thank you!

While the forum currently has no rules against posting calls / offers (if they don’t involve homework) – what I’m not understanding is, this job call doesn’t have anything to do with Processing, does it…?