Cost to port ~800 loc in Processing to P5

We have a mature prototype built in Processing (NetBeans dev, about 800 lines of Java) and are looking to port it to P5 for browser accessibility and consumer release. Anyone venture a ballpark range of what it might cost (in time and $$$) to hire it out?

Thanks a ton! Open to any suggestions or recommendations.

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Hello @ottenm

You’re giving us quite a challenge. :blush: The number of lines of code or the development environment used is not much to go on when it comes to estimating development time, I’m afraid.

Also, the hourly development cost varies hugely depending on who you ask. For a freelance developer here in Sweden, $100 per hour is a good rule of thumb. But you can find developers willing to work for fractions of that. A quick search on shows JavaScript developers with rates below $10/hr.

Unless you could share some more information on the project, I can only go on my gut feeling. It tells me it is more than a couple of days work but hopefully less than a couple of weeks.

Let’s say a developer will have to spend a week (40 hours) porting your project. Given the hourly rate range above, we could guesstimate a cost between $400–4,000. That’s a wild guess, though. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry for the challenge Sven! Unintended. :wink: And thanks for your reply.

It’s an app to help teach spelling in elementary school. The heart of it is just penning to draw and erase single letters, plus additional features for moving letters around, changing their appearances. It also has a feature to cycle through a list of student names, displayed in regular font-ed text as they take turns. About half of the (dozen or so?) features are triggered by keystrokes, the other half monitor and respond to swipe behavior.

Some more cool stuff, but that’s it in a nutshell. Hope that helps!

Well, I love a good challenge. :smiley: Thanks for the detailed explanation, I think my rough guesstimate holds up pretty well.

“[A] feature to cycle through a list of student names” is interesting. Is there a way for students or teachers to edit those names? Are the names unique per device (web browser), or should they be stored on a server somewhere? Is there something else stored between sessions, like student progress?

I’m asking because if the p5.js sketch relies on storing stuff on another computer (server), the project gets a bit more involved compared to if the sketch is self-contained.

I am leaning toward having some data on the server, but comfortable doing most of the database-backed-web-app slice on my own.

So short answer for keeping track of some per-user data: probably.