Interview an experienced programmer

Good morning, would you like to help me? With my team do a job for the computer science faculty of Universidad Nacional de la Plata that consists of an analysis of the syntax, semantics, exception handling, etc. of Processing language. To close the job, we need an interview with an experienced programmer. If anyone wants to respond, we will be very grateful. Attach name please
the questions:
1.- How many years have you been working with processing?
2.- What do you think about learning this programming language? What made you choose it as a programming language?
3.- Do you think that Processing is an easy language to read when the code was not written by you?
4.- Do you think Processing is a reliable language? What do you think about the efficiency of programs written with this programming language?
5.- Do you think Processing has good documentation to access if necessary?
6.- The code comments, how do you make the comments in your programs?
7.- What is your opinion of the different control structures in Processing? Do you think they are clear when using and declaring them?
8.- What is your opinion on the use of parameters in Processing? Is it clear? How are the parameters sent associated with the parameters received by the procedure?
9.- When programming, is it useful for you find that most errors are detected at the time of compilation?
10.- The handling exceptions, do you have an opinion formed? How useful are they to you when developing software?

Do you want people to post all their responses to this thread? Or do want this submitted to some email / web form?

Hello Jeremy, thanks for the interest.
Answer me in the thread please.

@juan122 Do you still have an interest in this or is the research finished?