Creating a new table java Processing

OK, I’m looking into files making, loading & such & tried to make a program that tries to find a file. I don’t yet have made & if it dont have it creates one. I got to where it says there no file, but I’m having trouble creating the file. I been trying to find saveTable on youtube but didnt have success. In the long run after this works I’ll be checking all the scores against an array and saving that array. Can anyone tell me how to make this work? Or link me to other saveTable examples?
here my code so far;

int[] scores = new int[5]; // here my array that gonna save all the scores it empty atm
Table table; // here my table
void setup(){
  try{ // here after the first run it should check the high scores or at least load the scores
    table = loadTable("score.csv");
  catch(Exception e){ // here on the first run it should create a file to hold the scores
    table = saveTable(scores,"Scores"); // here is my problem scores is the table
   table = saveTable(table,"Scores"); // I also tried this way but not together

void draw(){