Reference in local for P4

Hi, I have a demanding on last P4 ide.
I think it’s better to put the new reference accessible offline when you press Ctrl-F like on P3. Some people don’t have a connection and it’s a important tool for learning. Some time I program without connection to avoid distraction and some class and teacher don’t have a permanent web acess for budget or security reason.


Hi @matheplica,

You are right and this is a known issue:

Since the start of the project, we’ve included an offline copy of the reference with the software, which powers “Find in Reference” and the links in the Help menu. This is especially helpful/important for people with lower internet availability (i.e for situations where internet is disconnected, slow, or expensive).

With the site redesign launched in 2021, the size of the file has jumped from 4.2 MB to about 100 MB, which means it no longer makes sense to include it with the download. For 4.0 beta 9, we’re removing the offline reference (because it’s out of date) and linking to the online reference until we have a better solution that can produce a custom (and compact) offline reference like we had for 1.x – 3.x.

This is a high priority for us. Certainly many people had no idea that this exists, but there are also many people who relied on this quite a bit, particularly those in important communities for us (outside the US, limited internet resources, and so on).



Ok, it’s good to know.
Let’s wait now.
Thanks for reply

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The offline reference will be back in the next release as downloadable content:

We are working on making it smaller too:

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