Is There a Free, Up-to-date Offline/Downloadable Reference?

I’m going to be away from internet access and working on an iPad. I’ve got a P5js editor installed, but I really need a good P5js reference. I’ve found a PDF version of “Getting Started with P5js” but it doesn’t seem to have all of the functions included. (I was looking specifically for createGraphics() ).
When I download the zip file from the p5js reference page I can’t figure out how to open the index file using Safari. It doesn’t open the full page of information, only the word “Reference” with no listed functions or links.

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From the p5.js site there is a link to download an offline version of the reference.

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That’s what I tried. Couldn’t get it to work on ipad.

Sorry didn’t read your whole question - that will teach me not to cut corners. :interrobang:

I have tried opening it in Safari on my mac and it works fine. If your can view the online reference on your iPad then it would appear to be a limitation of opening local files in Safari and ios. You might try installing Firefox and see if that browser opens the offline reference.

Since I don’t have an iPad I can’t try things out perhaps someone else has a solution. :grin:

Hi @cottonchipper,

I don’t have an Ipad either but I can try to simulate the Ipad aspect ratio in Firefox using Ctrl + Shift + M and it seems to work fine, maybe an issue with Safari?

(Using the .zip version of the documentation and opening index.html)

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