Programm own Processing IDE | Is this idea feasible?

Hey, I was wondering if and how you can program your own Processing IDE. Because I would like to do a few things differently. For example that the code completion starts automatically without pressing CMD / CTRL and the space bar. Or even “better” colors (I know that you can change the colors of Processing) but I would also like to have more colors for my own variables, functions, classes.

I’ve never programmed anything like this before. As a result, I have no idea how and whether something like this can be implemented.

Do you have any suggestions whether I should do it and how I should start it?

thanks in advance

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You could create an extension/plugin for an existing code editor that supports those features. For example, there are Processing plugins for Visual Studio Code and Atom.

The Processing project is open-source, so you could modify/enhance the editor using the source code.


Processing ide was based on JEdit and I wrote a plugin for use with processing 2.0. But I now prefer atom or netbeans for processing, and developing my ruby-processing projects. If you are really keen updating the JEdit plugin should be quite easy.

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