Use Processing in your own editor, without installing the IDE?

I’ve been trying to find information in the docs on how to run / use Processing in your preferred editor, Sublime Text, VSCode etc. I can’t figure how to install the processing java library without having to install the entire IDE on my system. Which I have no interest in.

Can anyone point me to the right place in the docs? Or maybe an external resource?


Not possible. The processing app is an ide itself.
All programming languages depend on them to complete certain tasks. Clicking run to execute a program needs commands which arent stored in your code. Or syntax highlighting exportation etc.

An ide just provides a convenient place to store and manage your project. Outside of providing handy features such as syntax highlighting it can also save and restore projects if your system fails, but also offers collapse funtions and classes which on larger projects is indispensable, search replace etc.

There are lots of topics to get you started.

Vscode is one of my favs, ive not used many others and if its for android then android studio is your best bet, it does require a decent amount of memory

@paulgoux I think not possible is a bit strong. Otherwise how was it possible to create (which only got shoe horned into the ide after it was created), then theres JRubyArt and py5. It was much easier with earlier versions of processing, that weren’t so prescriptive about which jdk they used. However for the average processing user it is easier to install the full processing ide, there are plenty of editors that support processing (the original was probably jEdit but I wouldn’t recommend it now).


Thanks for the replies. I caved and installed the just to install the command-line processing-java… It would be nice if one could just use a package manager like brew to only install processing-java. But there is of course a reason or this that I don’t understand :slight_smile:

Thanks learn new things every day