Processing won't run. Win10


I’m trying to run Processing on a Win10 machine. I’ve tried 64 and 32 bit variants, running as Administrator.

Splash screen comes up for a few seconds, then nothing.

I believe my Java is up to date.
There may be firewall issues - I’ve run this on personal machines with no issue. The problem machine may have corporate firewall issues.

Do I need to set up any ‘trusted websites’ for it to run?

Thanks in advance

processing for windows comes with its own JAVA

please use the version what fits to your windows ( possibly 64bit )

after start you need to enable JAVA when you get that question?

if processing runs but can not be updated / load libs and modes
because internet connection is disabled, still the examples … should run.

there have been reports that windows defender deletes programs at installation, please check log.

anyhow please install again.

actually, you might have violated a protection rule by your IT department / network administration, please also call them for help too.

I’ve resinstalled multiple times.

In addition to needing to communicate aws for Contributions Manager, it is possible that Processing needs to use local proxy for the IDE to launch/communicate with sketches – although I wouldn’t expect that to block the IDE from launching, but I don’t use it on Windows so I’m just speculating. If your user is restricted, you might need to change Windows proxy settings, as per:

…or the problem could be totally unrelated, and be a graphics card or something. Just trying to help brainstorming a solution.

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