Processing video library wont play larger files

Hello! I am using the processing-video library and I am not able to get it to play a video file larger than 250mb which seems pretty small. Is there any way to get it to play larger files or is there a file size restriction on the library. Thanks!

Here is my code:

Movie video; 

void setup() { 
  size(600, 400); 
  video = new Movie(this, ""); 

void movieEvent(Movie video) {; 

void draw() {  
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actually i try a 4GB .avi using a absolute path
/ win7 / 64bit /
Processing 3.5.3
and it worked.

but there might be other issues,
i think it not finds your file ( and your problem might be independent from file size? )
what is very confusing is the default path thing not working as expected.

String infile = "";
  myvideo = new Movie(this, infile);

works if the file is in subdir /data/

if i use

String infile = "data/";

it not finds the file anymore.

same if i use
String infile = “”;
but the file is in the sketch path
and NOT in the /data/ path.

but abs path

String infile = "E:/somewhere else/";

works fine.

you should copy the error msg you get.

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