Video loading problem

Hello everyone , i try to load a video in processing but i have the loading’s message erreur.


Movie video;

void setup() {
  size(600, 400);
  video = new Movie(this,"intro.quizz");

void movieEvent(Movie video) {;

void draw()

I create a fil name “data” and put the video inside. Thank for your time

First, you need to include the “data” directory in the file name so you would open something like “data/intro.quizz”.

Second, are you sure the extension is “.quizz”? Windows hides file extensions by default so your file might actually be named something like, “intro.quizz.mpg”. You can find out by right clicking on the video file and selecting properties from the menu.

I didn’t understand what you write at first but i change the of video , for including the type on my program.

Thank you for your time .