Issues with loading video / movie

im trying to add and load a video in my code. however its not working, and I don’t know what the issue is. Can someone help me

float spd = 1.0;
Movie movie;      

void setup() {  
  size(800, 500);           
  movie = new Movie(this, "");;                      

void draw() {
  if (movie.available() == true) {;
  image(movie, 0, 0, width, height);

Dear @amprocessing, first of all welcome to the Processing forum. There are some rules on how to ask a question and how to create a post:

  1. Try to explain what is not working and how you already tried to solve it.
  2. Put your code into code tags for better readability.

There is usually an error message shown by the Processing IDE. Try to use this information first to search through the forum and if you do not find something useful, create a new post with the code and the error message.

Otherwise we can not really help you.

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