Processing video

I’m trying to code a movie program even though i could use a premade program to place all the clips together but the program cant find my file.
I’m using video library for processing 4.
it keeps saying “Could not load movie file” is in my movieTutorial folder


Movie video;

void setup(){
  video = new Movie(this,"");;

void draw(){

The movie must be in your sketch folder / data folder


Its in the correct folder.

It’s case sensitive

Please check if mov or MOV

properties say mov and i typed mov

What happens when you try to rename the mov file under windows

Do we have to move flappy into data folder?

Are there other types of movie types i ran into a problem with sound and just changed the file type to make it work

I think there are different types of codecs and formats

i tried switching it to mp4 but sadly same error.

Try another video and place it in the data folder

i tried the folder b4 i posted i’ll try a youtube video if that dont work i found a program i like so i’m happy with giving up. I tried a youtube video and still couldnt load. i tried mov, pm4 and avi.

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Data folder is a folder that literally named “data”. The easiest option to put a file in the directory correctly is just drag-n-dropping it into the Processing window with the sketch opened.