Processing & Streaming Audio

I have just started messing around with Processing’s Sound library. I have spent the better part of a few hours reading just about every post on how to use the sound library but I can’t quite find what I am looking for.

I want to use 2 RasPi’s and Processing to link 2 HAM radio repeaters over a network, sending control signals and controlling the GPIOs via UDP are no problem, however this sound library has just stumped me. So far I have made sound graphs and expanding balls and recorded wav files from my audio input, so I feel I am close. How could I get audio from an input into a format that I can send out a UDP stream and then assemble it on the other side to play out the speakers.

Any help is appreciated!!!


One option might be to use Beads instead and the JACK backend with netjack.

PulseAudio theoretically supports network devices AFAIK, so you might get it to work with Processing Sound.