Connecting Supercollider to Processing via QjackCtl

Hey everyone,

I’m new to processing and I have a question for you.
I added the processing.sound library because I want to create a real time spectrogram.
My plan is to connect supercollider to processing via QjackCtl.
In QjackCtl supercollider is detected but not processing (even if the code with processing.sound and audio in is running…)
Some of you have tried to achieve this?
By the way I’m on Ubuntu.

Thank you very much for your answers and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure Processing Sound doesn’t support JACK directly. If you have the PulseAudio sources and sinks enabled in JACK, you should be able to route SuperCollider also into the PulseAudio sink to make it an input for any system sound applications, inc. Processing.

Or you could look at using Beads instead, which has direct JACK support (via an old integration of my Java JACK bindings). At some point I may make some of the JAudioLibs stuff used in PraxisLIVE, which is where the Java JACK bindings live, a bit easier to use directly from Processing. Or use PraxisLIVE’s Processing nodes to do what you want! :smile: