Processing software not working

I searched but most of the people have issues like the software is crashing after the logo is displayed.
But, in my case, I can open the editor and my code. But when I click on the Run button to execute the code, I see a new dialog box popped up which is totally blank. Did anyone face any similar issues? Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I had downloaded the 64 but version of the software and unzipped using 7zip just to avoid any confusion.

I downloaded the software from this link

and I am trying to run this code

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Have you tried to run something simple like traditional println("Hello World") to verify that environment is ok. If that crashes too it’s in environment if not then that big chunk of code has a problem.

Yes, it does give the output, but it again pops up that blank window that I have attached in the image here. I don’t know what is that window. In the other code, it just gives the blank window.

Ooh, yes. That’s normal processing IDE behaviour. If you don’t tell processing what size of a window it creates it uses default size(100,100) to create the window. Window contains the drawing canvas and it takes input from mouse. I don’t think you can get rid of it, I mean it’s always created, but you can close it at end of the program with exit()-function.

Oh this is interesting to know. I looked up in the code, and I have this line in the setup()

void setup() {
  size(660, 700); 

Could you tell me where should I put the exit() as I didn’t find the exit() function? Also, I looked up here but don’t know if I have to put the exit in the mousePressed(). Please let me know. Thanks

The exit() function stops the program from running. If you still want the program to run don’t use it to close the window. You can use surface.setVisible() to just take away the window