Processing PULSE (Collaboration Project)

I have developed an idea called Processing PULSE

Essentially it will be a collection of ideas and sketches by developers who want to collaborate using Processing.

Any one who may be interested, message me here or inbox me at

or whatsapp me at +1 (246) 267-1826

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Like what ideas?

In what area,3Dā€¦?

Hi @Chrisir ,

I am a fan of 2D and 3D. PULSE will be a project where data will drive both data visualization as well as PULSE

The best way I can describe PULSE is Processed Universal Laguage Symettrical Emulation.

Essentially we all deal with data as binary- zero and ones. In PULSE I store data in a myriad of ways,

  • pixels
  • audio
  • animation
  • even light

So currently I use it to power my 3d sketches, my 2d sketches in processing and now I am moving towards building data models for directing movement and simulating choice based actions in software. So I wanted to see if persons here on wanted to collaborate on the development side of the project as well as collaborate on the content and application (sketches, demos, apps, etc)

If you need examples let me know I can post some sketches here or on to demonstrate PULSE in action.

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Hi @adaptinnovative ā€“ can you explain a bit more what Pulse is?

  • Is it a web host, like openprocessing?
  • Is it a library, like PixelFlow?
  • Is it a library / framework, like Hype?
  • Is it a protocol, like OSC?