Processing + Kinect (paid collaboration)

Hello Processing Community,

I am working on an exhibition in which part of the experince is interactive projection controlled by kinect.

Starting from the physical painting create a grid of pixels or circles and then alter the position of the pixels based upon the sensor data of the camera
map the coordinates of the sensor data to the canvas and deform based on the differences in different axis
each pixel will need to have an origin xy vector and a current positio n

I would be very happy if someone in this forum was able to do something like that.
More details in person, in case you are interested.
Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Hi Mosh mosh,

I am Kiran . Would like to know more about the work that you are doing for the exhibition.
I have worked on Processing and Kinect . Would like to know what is that you are looking for .

Whatsapp/Call/Facetime: +91-9108728659