Processing on an Amazon Fire

I’m running 3.5.4 in Android mode under Win10. I want to run a sketch on a Fire tablet, but for starters I can’t find a way to get the tablet into debugging mode. When I click run in the PDE, it get a message “can’t find a device.” In file explorer, I see a window open every minute or so with the “fire” tablet listed, but the window closes after just a few seconds.

Any way to do this? I’ve seen at least one other post where sketches are running OK in the Fire 10 and Fire 7.

You need to put the Fire into Developer mode by going to Settings, to Device options, so you can see the Serial Number. tap that seven times and the Developer Mode becomes available. Setting those as on standard Android devices enables ADB on the PC to access it thus allowing Processing for Windows to run it.

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