Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e

Hello. Is it possible to get sketches from Processing IDE to Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e? This tablet runs Android 9 Pie One UI. I was unable to encounter a video tutorial in YouTube no matter how I tried. Does anybody have some experience with this particular tablet? Do “Developer Options” and “USB Debugging” still exist in One UI? This tablet is quite expensive and I don’t feel like wasting money for an unpleasant surprise.
Thank you in advance!

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Hey There!

It is, if you get Processing Android version.

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Hello. I have just bought the tablet. Processing succeeded in uploading a simple sketch. Thanks!

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I have the same tablet but am not able to get Android Processing to connect. (I am in Android mode). What are you doing that I’m not (rhetorically asked)? What operating System are you using? I’m on Windows 7.

Hey there! Make sure you have Processing IDE in the Android version , And also make debugging is turned on the tablet.

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Thank you. That worked. I turned on the USB debugging and it connected.

For people who are having the same problem here is where to change your tablet settings on the Galaxy Tab S5e to turn USB debugging on:
Click the Settings button / app.
scroll all the way down to Developer options and click that
At the top of this screen make sure the developer options is “on”
Scroll down to Debugging section
Click the USB debugging to “on”

You will be asked later if you want this on all the time. Hit “ok”