Connect Android to Processing on my computer

I wanna make a smal app for my own mobile phone. I wanna use processing for this. I have downloded SDK and have Android mode on processing. The problem is that when I go to Android → Devices, i only see “no connected devices”. I have no ide why. I have enabled USB debuging on my phone.

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Have you tried actually running the app (just press play in the Processing IDE)? Usually, the connected device is not shown unless you do that step.


You may need to install your android Device driver on you PC

Yes I tried that but I only get an error that says “”

I tried to do the steps on this site for Windows 10. But it still don’t work.

With out processing IDE your PC recognized your android device?

Note that may Android studio restricted your USB connection

I’m new to mobile. I have no ide what IDE means. To be more clear I could not follow all steps from the site. When I try to do step 6 my PC says “Windows has decided the best software is alredy on this device.” What do you mean by “Note that may Android studio restricted your USB connection”?

If you want to enter your phone folders from you PC can you?

Yes I can enter the pone folders from my PC.

Turn USB debugging OFF, then back ON again. Next, try running the code. If the issue persists, you can also try restarting your phone or computer, or reinstalling Processing. Alternatively, you can attempt wireless debugging.

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May it be a connection issue?