How to install library without IDE

Hello, everyone.
I already tried some processing tests on ubuntu OS on my PC, but I installed processing-sound library with IDE. I need to install and use this library on AWS EC2 without IDE GUI.

How can I do this manually?
Hope for your kind help.

You should find the library files in your sketchbook folder (see File > Preferences > Sketchbook folder for the path). Then move/copy those into your Processing application directory (in modes/java/libraries/sound). That way, the library is bundled with Processing, I think. At least, it seemed to import fine on my system with this setup.

Thanks, @tabreturn. But how can I find the sketchbook folder with IDE?

Open the Processing IDE. Select File > Preferences – there’s a Sketchbook folder field with the path.

Alternatively, you could download the Sound library from GitHub:

@tabreturn I tried to download git repo, and move to the Processing application directory(modes/java/libraries/sound). But the library wasn’t installed.

The error message describes below:
“No library found for processing.sound
Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder (see the Preferences window).
oscilloscope.pde:0:0:0:0: The package “processing.sound” does not exist. You might be missing a library.”

Here is my Processing 4 app directory structure (which includes the Sound library from GitHub).

├── core
├── java
├── lib
├── modes
│   └── java
│       ├── application
│       ├── examples
│       ├── libraries
│       │   ├── dxf
│       │   ├── io
│       │   ├── net
│       │   ├── pdf
│       │   ├── serial
│       │   ├── sound
│       │   │   ├── examples
│       │   │   ├── library
│       │   │   │   ├── javamp3-1.0.4.jar
│       │   │   │   ├── jsyn-20171016.jar
│       │   │   │   └── sound.jar
├── processing
├── processing-java

You could try checking the Processing preferences.txt file (in ~/.processing) to verify your sketchbook folder location, then move the library files there. If that’s not working for you, I’m afraid I’m out of suggestions.