Processing IDE scale variables

Hi there,
my laptop has a 4K screen and I have searched quite a bit in processing source code to modify the scale of display without a complete success ; I found how to scale correctly the "coding part "of the window and the buttons quite easily, but I can’t find where I could modify the size of the menu bar and all the pop-ups.
So for now I need magnifying glasses to look at it :

I currently on Fedora 32 ; and the scale factor of my desk environment doesn’t seems to be taken into account. On Windows, looks more or less fine, even if there is issues with the quality of assets (fonts & images for the buttons are really pixellated so I had to do new ones on my own)

Any suggestions to find the treasure ?


I am aware of this:

Interface scale:


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thanks for your answer. I am not talking about sizing the inner window size or the display of the canvas, but the size of the menu sections, because as you can see, it’s really tiny, even if the rest of the window works well with the scale factor on 200%.

The section with the menu, tools, help etc. options and also the external windows we open when we look through examples or libraries. They don’t seems to be affected by any scale parameter, so I’m looking for the size variables in the config files, but I can’t find where it is