Processing IDE on Play Store

Is anyone familiar with this Processing IDE app on the Google Play store?

Is it similar to the free and open source ADPE? I can’t verify who the developer “Peter the Great” is, as it links to a Chinese web page. Anyone tried it?

Hi @robertesler,

This is interesting! :wink:

Translated from this page:

01Why do you want to make a product like Processing?

In order to better learn Processing creative programming, so that everyone who loves creative programming can have a better platform
02Why the name Processing?

Processing is the representative of creative programming, and I hope to use this name to let better people use our product.
03 Who developed Processing?

This product is planned and developed by站长, a small dish and an old bird, in order to provide a good platform for Chinese creative programming and efforts :muscle:
04 What should I do if I encounter problems or get upset?

Please contact to give me email feedback, I will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

And it links to a chinese Processing forum:
And this other website:
They even have their own online p5js editor: p5.js 在线运行工具

Is there any Chinese on the forum that know this forum? :nerd_face:


Also there is a user named Peter, even if not called “the Great” :slight_smile:

Maybe you can contact him on the forum and ask if it is made by him …

— mnse

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It’s a very interesting Chinese localization for Processing and its many flavors. :icecream:

However, it’s pretty much violating the GPL license, b/c they don’t have any link pointing to the changes made to the original Processing’s source code. :face_with_peeking_eye:


I sent him an email! Let’s see if he answers :female_detective:

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I looked at a few of the message threads with Google Translate and it’s funny to see that things are the same everywhere :smile: “Help, urgent!!!”


lol! Exact same thoughts when I did! :joy:

— mnse

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I also thought that the app could be a violation of the GPL license but wasn’t sure if this was sanctioned by the Processing Foundation or licensed in some way. My guess it’s a violation and should be reported to Google.
Can anyone confirm that this is not associated with the Processing Foundation?

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Just for your information…

I was curious and downloaded the app and did a quick test within the time frame Google Play allows for refunds.

I didn’t manage to get a sketch working on my S22, neither for p5js nor for processing java, but honestly I didn’t expect anything else. :slight_smile:

But the app revealed the developer and it is indeed the user from above, at least the app links to his profile…

— mnse