Processing IDE - Javascript?

Been enjoying the Processing IDE, but I have to admit a bit of a gaffe…

I originally intended to learn JavaScript, but I’ve been coding in Java Mode. Now, since the project I’m using to learn is already 800 lines, I’m going to finish it in Java Mode… but I also wanted to be able to use the IDE to play with JavaScript.

Yet - when I click “Add Mode” and the Contribution Manager pops up, “JavaScript Mode” is greyed out. Am I doing something wrong? Is JavaScript no longer compatible at all with the IDE?

Lastly, I wanted to tag this question with an IDE tag, but there seems to be no tag for the IDE. Should I be posting questions here about the IDE at all, or is there a more proper forum for IDE questions?

Thank you for any answers you can give.

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Hi @VegasBob,

The current javascript mode is not compatible with the latest version of processing.

Instead you can use p5.js to code in javascript.


Thank you @jb4x, is this the right place for IDE questions?

Hi @VegasBob – this #processing channel on the forum is a good place for desktop IDE questions (about PDE). If you have questions about the p5.js web editor, ask those in #p5js.

While JavaScript mode is quite old (and no longer works with the new desktop IDE), you can either use the p5.js web editor or you can use the p5.js Mode with the desktop PDE, installable from Contributions Manager > Modes. If you have reliable internet access then the p5.js web editor is recommended because it has a more convenient built-in preview.

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Thank you Jeremy.

I accidentally began my current learning project in Java, so I’m going to push through in Java, then later translate it into JavaScript to learn the differences.

Thank you for this very comprehensive answer

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