Mobile Quiz Game (80 languages, 10,000 questions)

Hi Processing community!

I’d like to share my first real game I made with Processing.
It is a swipe controlled mobile game made for Android devices.
The UI and all questions are translated into over 80 of the most popular languages.
As I couldn’t think of any additionally item that could be customized, at the moment, coins earned by answering questions can only be used to purchase different backgrounds, but I may add additional customization options if I get an idea.

Making this game was super fun, but also very challenging at parts.

If you’d like to test it, you can find it here:

Feel free to leave feedback, ask questions about anything related to the making of the game or give me advice on how to improve the game.




I didn’t tested the game but it looks cool, congratulations! :wink:

I was curious about the questions, where did you gather all the data? And in 80 languages did you use some translation engine to do that?

Also I am not experienced with mobile development so how do you store this data, with a database system? Or in a text file format like JSON, XML? Locally or on a server?

Hi there!

I gathered the questions by repeatedly scraping bundles of 50 from Open Trivia DB and then removing duplicates. For that, I created a short python script that parses the JSON server response, removes all unnecessary metadata and writes the results to a JSON file. The questions from the API however are only available in the english language, so I had to add another step of data processing. In this step I iterated over every single question and it’s answers and sends them to Google Translate, requesting translation from english to all the different languages one by one. The final file, which obviously ended up being quite huge, was saved to a JSON file I embed into the app and that gets loaded at runtime.

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Very good!
What library or framework have you used to embed your HTML page?

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