Processing Foundation logo too wide for mobile

Did the logo for this site change recently?

My profile icon in the top right corner is now partly out of the screen and it’s hard to see when there is a notification badge on it.

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At least in Firefox, the way to fix it is:


    <img id="site-logo"... height="36"



Then replace

.d-header #site-logo {
	width: auto;


.d-header #site-logo {
	max-width: 100%;
	max-height: 36px;

That way it seems to be responsive.

Without this change the navigation menu seems to be gone in small screen sizes (your icon and the “hamburger” menu). See:

It worked fine yesterday so I think something had to change since then. Wasn’t the text in the logo split into two lines?

I did not pay attention to that, I only use it in desktop.

Maybe a browser software update?

I’m also a desktop user, so I’m not sure – but I’m not seeing a problem in Chrome.

One possible solution would be to rename the banner text “Processing Foo”. There: I fixed it… :wink:

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Great solution :joy:

Most of the time I’m using Chrome on Android. There was no update of Chrome recently so I believe something changed in Processing Discourse, because it worked fine on November 22.

Looks like the problem is in Discourse update 2.2.0-beta4. More people are having problems with the logos in the latest version:

Got it. And I can now confirm seeing the problem on Android Chrome – just not iOS Chrome.

Who is the master admin who updates the site? Casey?

Seems to be resolved :tada:

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