Processing 4.3 is out! ✨

Hi everyone!

Processing 4.3 was just released. We’ve revamped icons to avoid confusion with VSCode, made design & dark mode tweaks, and enhanced text centering. Plus, Java update & critical bug fixes, including syntax error highlighting that was broken in 4.2, and more!

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Help us make Processing better by giving this release plenty of testing. In other words: mess around and try to break it :grin:

Wanna know exactly what changed in this update? Then check out the release notes .

Kudos to our amazing contributors!

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow


Slightly different is possibly a slight understatement :wink:

I’m new to this game; started with Processing 4.2. I’ve always wondered why I had to adjust my vertical alignment of text inside a rectangle.

I haven’t written serious code yet but I basicall need to fix all prototype code now for using Processing 4.3.

Simple example

void setup()
  size(300, 100);

void draw()

  int x = 50;
  int y = 50;
  int w = 200;
  int h = 30;

  // outer rectangle
  rect(x, y, w, h, 10);

  // inner rectangle
  rect(x + 5, y +  5, w - 10, h - 10, 5);
  textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
  text("Hello", x + w / 2, y + h / 2);


I can live with it, it’s more a warning to others that encounter the same issue.


Does this mean there was a small bug in 4.2 and now it’s fixed in 4.3?

And thus you have to remove your workaround when using 4.3?

That’s good news in my book: one bug less.

Thanks for the info!

Chrisir :slight_smile:

Yes. The workaround was to just subtract something from the y position till it looked correct. From memory, it however was not a fixed value but depends on the size.

I did not know that it was a bug till I consulted the release notes for 4.3 to check if something had changed with regards to vertical alignment; as I’m new I considered it something that I had to learn to live with. This is a lot better :+1:

But I feel sorry for those that have to fix their production code when switching to 4.3 :wink: