Processing Forum Nagging

I’m being nagged to sign up for an account. I can’t do this since the Forum has mixed up my user name and my real name. My real name is Brian Prentice and my user name is bprentice.

Can you give us some more information?

It seems like you already have signed up and your username is bprentice.

This is form that I’m given:

When I attempt to enter my Username and correct my Name, I’m prevented from doing so.

Brian Prentice

Could we see a screenshot of the order dialogue?

Here it is:

Brian Prentice

Click on your icon top right, then click on the gear icon. You can thene edit your account details

Sorry, should have clarified: can we see a screenshot of it preventing you from entering the username you want?


This is becoming tiresome. Do you have the ability or the authority to correct this problem?

Brian Prentice

You already have an account named bprentice. You are currently posting from it. When you are not signed in to your account, you will have a message that says:

Hello! Looks like you’re enjoying the discussion, but you haven’t signed up for an account yet. …

Just sign in to your account like you already are or if you prefer to be signed out, click on “No thanks” to hide the message in the blue box to hide it.

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