Processing eating storage

Hello there,
I’ve started to try to get started with Processing for Android today. However what’s really bothering me is the amount of storage it takes up on my laptop. Every time I run a sketch to my android device, I seem to lose about 75 MB of storage. I was wondering if anyone had experienced this as well and wether this is just the way it works or maybe there is a work-around for this. :thinking:

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please more exact, you talk about

  • RAM
  • disk space

there are revision and temp files, what possibly not even can be cleaned by a
“Disk Cleanup”
? processing stores it wrongly ?
on windows 7 see
c:\users\ < you > \AppData\Local\Temp
for running any IDE sketches using class.
( not related to android, but worth a try to look there )
also a tool like “tree size free” might help to find that.

@luuk ====
yes, i have experienced the same thing 2 years ago and posted on the forum; finally i found that each time P5 compiles it creates a sketch and saves it for a lot of time (probably hardcoded in the code source but it does not matter); no need to use anything to find the place (folder) where the sketch is created: when compiling at the first line of the log report in the Console you can see it: Build folder: then the path and the name: i have solved this problem going there and destroying these files, all or only the oldest one…As for the size (75M0) it is not surprising because when compiling your app P5 adds a lot of things (.jar…) to your file and th most simple app is about 70M0.

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